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Wooden Measuring Spoon Set

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Wooden Measuring Spoon Set

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4pcs Wood Measuring Spoon Set High-Quality Kitchen Coffee Sugar Spice Spoon Baking Measuring Scoop Cooking Tools Wooden Utensils


  • Premium material: natural beechwood, 100% brand new and handmade.
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, durable, long-lasting..
  • Oval shape to fit into spice jars.
  • Thoughtful removable loop.
  • Pleasure for baking time.
  • Perfect household gifts for yourself and your friends.


Product Specification:

  • Set of 4 Measuring Spoons included: 1/4TSP,1/2TSP,1TSP,1TBS
  • Material: Beechwood
  • Color: Natural wood colors
  • Size: 1/4TSP:  9.8cm * 2.2cm; 1/2TSP: 10.8cm * 2.5cm; 1TSP: 12.7cm * 3.0cm; 1TBS: 15.3cm * 4.2cm
  • Package included: 1pc*1tbs, 1pc*1tsp, 1pc*1/2 tsp, 1pc*1/4tsp spoon (Set of 4)


Package Included:

1 x Wooden Measuring Spoon Set (Set of 4Pcs)


Special Notes:

  1. Please understand each wooden product is made from different parts of a tree. Therefore, the wood grain, color, and specifications of each item may have tiny differences from each other. And that’s the very reason why every wooden product is a unique artwork.
  2. Please use a soft napkin and cloth for cleaning.
  3. Please do not use bleachers/strong washing liquid.
  4. Please avoid soaking it in the dish detergent water for a long time or using hard objects scrubbing on the unit.
  5. The wooden products cannot be used in any high-temperature disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, or any other electric appliances. Please don’t place it next to the heater, or expose it to the sun.

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