Wooden Lunch Boxes – Etsy Style

Wooden Lunch Boxes

Wooden Lunch Boxes-Lunch Boxe-Etsy Style

Wooden Lunch Boxes

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New Wooden Lunch Boxes for Food Japanese Style Sushi Bento Lunchbox For Kids School Outdoor Dinnerware Bowl Food Container

1.Do not use chemicals such as chemical fertilizers
2.Do not use pesticides,We use boiling instead of chemistry
3.Do not use drift self-treatment,natural air-drying.  Different wood textures, retaining natural originals
4. Eco-friendly coating to prevent mold, easy to clean
5. It is a perfect container for sushi,salad and other cold food 
Note:Not used under disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, dishwasher
Shape: Oval, Square
Material: Wood