Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs – Etsy Style

Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs-Mugs-Etsy Style

Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs

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Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs Tea Cup Milk Juice Lemon Mug Gold Plating Mrs Mr Couple Lover's Gift Morning Breakfast Creative Cup


Capacity: 380ml Materials: Ceramic Features unique natural marble texture, Mr or Mrs gold lettering and outline Makes the perfect gift for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, bridal showers, Christmas or for any occasion No use in Dishwasher or Microwave


1.Thespoon and other accessories are not included. The product is only a mug.

2. No microwave oven for golden mug, otherwise the gold will be fade.

3. The cups is handicrafts, each cup of grain is not the same; texture glass colors darker, whereas lighter.

4. The Cup is hand-painted gold after Phnom Penh firing artefacts at the stroke is not perfect and does not affect the overall aesthetic.