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Cute Mirrors For Kid Bedroom

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Cute Mirrors For Kid Bedroom

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Kid Bedroom Nursery Decoration Shatterproof Acrylic Mirror mural Bunny Crown Heart Butterfly Cloud Garden Wall Mirror Art Decor

[Name]: Ins Nordic series of wall-mounted
[Material]: Wood color green plywood + acrylic
With a strong double-sided adhesive
Every product has a protective film, please tear it off when using, Can be used when the mirror.

Environmental safety is not broken edges are smooth and not hurt hands

Child safety is not a broken mirror


Crown: 29CM*21CM, weighing about 175g

Swan: 32CM*26CM weighing about 240g

Cloud: 33CM*23CM weighing about 203g

Rabbit: 25CM*38CM, weighing about 265g

Cactus: 32*21CM, weighing about 150g

Deer: 38*20CM, weighing about 170g

Love: 30.5*28CM, weighing about 250g

New Swan: 31*30CM, weighing about 200g

Bow: 32*28 CM, weighing about 220g

Fat butterfly: 36.5*24.5CM, weighing about 250g

Skinny butterfly: 38*26CM, weighing about 300g