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5pcs Scouring Pad

5pcs Scouring Pad-Scouring Pad-Etsy Style

5pcs Scouring Pad

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5pcs Household Hairless Coral Velvet Scales Thick Super Absorbent Rags Home Cleaning Cleaning Cloth Kitchen Non-stick Oil Dishes


1.Coral velvet material, good water absorption, soft and comfortable, no ball and no lint.
2.Washing dishes, wiping stoves, etc., the kitchen is clean and refreshing.Multi-purpose, it can wipe dust stains on desktop, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
3.The material is thick, heat-insulating and anti-scalding, and can be used to expose the lid and protect the hands.

The size is manually measured, and it is inevitable that errors will occur and will not affect the use.

Material:coral fleece
Color:blue green / coral red / beige

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