2 Pcs Flamingo Coffee Mugs – Etsy Style

2 Pcs Flamingo Coffee Mugs

2 Pcs Flamingo Coffee Mugs-Mugs-Etsy Style

2 Pcs Flamingo Coffee Mugs

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2 Pcs Flamingo Coffee Mugs Ceramic Mug Mr Mrs Travel Cup Milk Tea Cup 250ml Christmas Wedding Gift

Color: Pink,Gray
Materials: Ceramic
Features unique Ceramic
Makes the perfect gift for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, bridal showers, Christmas or for any occasion

1.Thespoon and other accessories are not included. The product is only a mug.
2. No microwave oven for golden mug, otherwise the gold will be fade.
3. The cups is handicrafts, each cup of grain is not the same; texture glass colors darker, whereas lighter.
4. The Cup is hand-painted gold after Phnom Penh firing artefacts at the stroke is not perfect and does not affect the overall aesthetic.