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The benefits and properties of wooden dishes

The benefits and properties of wooden dishes - Etsystyle

In Old, wooden dishes were always present in houses, and it should be noted that not every type of wood was suitable for its manufacture. Its advantages are that it is environmentally friendly and helps fight many ailments. Let's take a look at the benefits of wooden cookware.

The benefits of wooden dishes


Particular attention was paid to the presence of useful and medicinal properties in a particular tree. For example, it is believed that linden kitchen utensils have anti-inflammatory properties, and rowan kitchen utensils help to cope with vitamin deficiency.

Cooked food was eaten with wooden spoons from wooden bowls; in addition, in Russia, wooden bowls, ladles, and jugs were used. Also in every house, one could see wicker birch-bark dishes, which were perfect for storing flour and various cereals. As many people know, birch bark is famous for its extensive list of medicinal properties - from bactericidal to tonic. Using such dishes, our ancestors were charged with the healing power of the tree.

The benefits and properties of wooden dishes - Etsystyle

Wooden dishes not only improve human health but also improve family relationships, the atmosphere in the house. For example, alder can energize and ward off spiteful critics from you.

If you are engaged in the collection and drying of medicinal herbs, then aspen dishes are perfect for making and storing healing herbal mixtures.

It is recommended to make kitchen utensils from oak. This wood species is famous for its anti-inflammatory and anti-rotting properties. Due to the content of tannins in it, the wooden mug saturates the drinks with a special smell and taste.

The benefits and properties of wooden dishes - Etsystyle

The popularity of cedar dishes is due to both the beauty of the wood and its medicinal qualities. People who use such plates can confirm that food retains its aroma and taste in it for much longer. And what is important, the cedar has a disinfecting property.

In Old, dishes were also made from juniper bark. Such dishes were very durable. In addition, even on a hot day, wooden containers kept milk fresh. Also, pickled vegetables are stored in juniper barrels much longer.

The wooden mug is an important part of the Russian bath. Having visited the steam room, our ancestors drank herbal teas from it, thereby enhancing the healing properties of bath procedures. In addition, the presence of wooden mugs in the interior of your bath will help create a special coziness and warm atmosphere in it.

The benefits and properties of wooden dishes - Etsystyle

How to care for wooden utensils


It is recommended to wipe the blades and boards not impregnated with a water-repellent layer with linseed oil before the first use. Choose products made from a solid piece of wood, they last longer.

The tree must not be soaked in water. To prevent unpleasant odors from absorbing, you need to wash them immediately after use, each item separately. Dry thoroughly and store in a dry place. Cutting boards, spatulas, and spoons should be ventilated and should be kept in an open rack.

Cookware tends to darken after prolonged use. Hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue, which will return the original color. Be sure to rinse dishes, mugs, etc. after cleaning. warm water.

If the wooden utensil smells mildewy, mix a small amount of vinegar with hot water and wash it with this solution.

Be sure to purchase wooden utensils. You will see how pleasant it is to taste food from such plates or drink herbal tea from a mug made of birch bark. ;)

Do you use wooden dishes? :) :) :)